Skepta born Joseph Olaitan Adenuga Jr. (19 september 1982) is a British born Nigerian Grime Mc, Rapper,  Record producer, Dj, Artist and Fashion Designer. Born and raised in Tottenham, North London Skepta gained recognition in the early 2000s as a DJ from Tottenham-based grime collective Meridian Crew.

Skepta began MCing shortly before Meridian Crew disbanded in 2005, after which Skepta, alongside his brother JME, joined Roll Depp for a short period of time before becoming founding members of Boy Better Know in 2006. He faced off against MC Devilman in a legendary clash during “Lord of the Mics 2,” solidifying his reputation.

In 2007, he boldly released his debut studio album, “Greatest Hits”.”Microphone Champion” and “Doin’ It Again” (2008-2011): His momentum continued with the infectious single “Rolex Sweep” in September 2008. “Microphone Champion” (2009) firmly established his presence in the UK music scene with hits like “Too Many Man.” The release of his third studio album, “Doin’ It Again” (2011), marked a turning point, featuring successful tracks like “Bad Boy” and “Rescue Me.”


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Skepta’s evolution unfolded as he released impactful singles like “Hold On” and “Make Peace Not War” in 2012. Despite facing challenges, he persevered, delivering the acclaimed mixtape “Blacklisted.” In 2016, “Konnichiwa” emerged as a game-changer, earning critical acclaim and winning the prestigious Mercury Prize.

Skepta’s chart-topping singles, including “That’s Not Me,” “Shutdown,” and “Pure Water,” further cemented his position on the global stage. Notable collaborations and the release of “Insomnia” in 2020 continued to captivate audiences.

His EP, “All In,” released in 2021, showcased his enduring creativity and relevance, reaffirming his influence. Skepta has been nominated for three Brit Awards, including British Male Solo Artist.

His collaboration with American rapper ASAP Rocky on “Praise the Lord (Da Shine)” became a chart-topping global hit. Skepta was acknowledged as one of the most influential figures in the UK by Debrett’s in 2017 and received a Nigerian chieftaincy in 2018, with the title ” Chief Amuludun of Odo-Aje.”

In recent years, Skepta’s influence on the fashion world has been further solidified through his appearances at prestigious events like the Met Gala and high-profile fashion shows by luxury brands like Louis Vuitton and Givenchy. These appearances have showcased his ability to seamlessly navigate the realm of high fashion, making him an essential figure in bridging the gap between street culture and the elite fashion industry.

During London Fashion Week, his brand ‘Mains’ experienced a remarkable revival, gaining substantial coverage in publications such as Vogue Business, Culted, Dazed, and various others. The show garnered notable attendance with prominent celebrities.

In addition to his music and fashion endeavors, Skepta has embarked on a  venture with “Más Tiempo,” a house music label he co-founded with fellow BBK member Jammer. Más Tiempo has been making waves in the industry. They have been on a remarkable journey, captivating audiences from city to city with sold-out shows and leaving a lasting impression on music lovers worldwide.






Saturday | 7 | Ushuaia Closing Party Ibiza

Friday | 13 | Tomorrowland Festival, Brazil | ‘Can’t Play Myself’ Release

Friday | 27 | Más Tiempo London

Saturday | 28 | Circoloco, New York (DJ)