Más Tiempo

Más Tiempo is a collective of individuals with multiple talents – one of which being to DJ. The crew is formed of talent that wants to expand their current portfolio range and be seen as individuals that love to create connections to people through music. For them, there is no greater feeling than being in the moment and hearing the beat drop. DJ’s shape the night, take you on a journey and guide you through a range of emotions to release the tension and dance the night away


“Mains” is a fashion line created by the British-Nigerian music artist Skepta. It features a collection of clothing and apparel items designed by Skepta and his team. The brand is known for its unique and fashionable designs and has gained recognition in the fashion industry. After a hiatus, Mains relaunched with a new collection during London Fashion Week, featuring a range of wearable yet distinctive clothing pieces.

Big Smoke Records

Big Smoke Records nurtures a diverse community of musicians to push the boundaries of sound and forge new paths in the industry. They are not bound by trends; instead, they take pride in setting them. Their team is dedicated to discovering exceptional talents, producing innovative sounds, and crafting extraordinary artists.

Led by Artist Skepta, driven by an unwavering commitment to excellence, they offer their artists unparalleled support, state-of-the-art recording studios, cutting-edge production techniques, and a global network of distribution channels.

1PLUS1 Productions

1PLUS1 Productions is a British independent entertainment company that specializes in film and television production. The company was founded by Joseph Adunga aka Skepta, focusing on supporting work from auteur driven filmmakers and talent that represent the Black Youth Culture internationally.


BLP International is a leading brand management agency based in London. They work with clients to expand their brands across strategic collaborations and develop them into new products, territories, and distribution points.